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    Reports - Email Action - HTML


      When exporting a report and using the email action for an export as HTML, It looks like all the associated Style Sheets are being sent along with it. This is recent to 12.2 NPM, in 12.1 NPM they weren't being sent along.


      Anyone else seeing this? I noticed it because the increase of the email size rose from 66kb to 2mb suddenly. While there's nothing breaking with this, it doesn't seem to be the function intended.

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          I've got this same issue.  Our daily reports (HTML) increased from ~500kb to ~2MB immediately following the same upgrade as you've listed.

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            We have the same issue.  We like to keep a history of all our daily reports to look at the changing trends. This is going to increase the storage requirements for our monitoring email accounts.  Plus we receive these reports on our mobile devices so this increased size is also chewing up our mobile data.

            Ideally, we would like to choose between Simple Text, HTML, PDF, Excel etc for our emailed reports.

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              We also have this issue in 12.3. These 2 mb reports are killing me. I have to wait for them to load and they take up more precious inbox space. Has anyone found a fix?

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                Sounds like a Support Case to SolarWinds could answer your questions.  If it's not an option they can easily show you how to correct, you might be stuck with submitting a new Feature Request to get this functionality in a new version.


                I trim my Change Reports down to size by only including the actual changes, plus the three lines preceding and following them.


                For most cases, that keeps the e-mails small.  However, when we do a major change to any chassis switch or switch stack (like adding fifty lines of ISE Enforcement configuration to every individual switch port), the e-mail size gets huge--2MB to 10 MB, depending on how many chasses or switch stacks are modified in one night. 


                Worse, once we moved our Outlook to the cloud, opening large e-mails became ridiculously slow.  And to add insult to injury, the entire e-mail doesn't immediately download--only the viewable section.  One must scroll through the text vertically and wait for the cloud to download it.  Reviewing one of those large Change Reports can require several minutes of viewing and downloading.  It makes SolarWinds seem like an antiquated and slow product, when in fact much of the problem is associated with poor cloud performance.

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                  I have this issue, too. I entered a ticket and Solarwinds told me that was by design and there was nothing I could do to reduce the size. Not very impressed with this. I entered a feature request Stop making default minimum report size 2 mb