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    Creating SAM n-tier application monitors


      New to SolarWinds, but excited to learn how I can make it work to make my life easier. I have created several custom application (monitors) for several of my systems. Typically, this has involved monitoring several Windows services or processes on the same system. I am trying to set up an application monitor that is a bit more complex than that. It will need to monitor several services/processes on one server, database availability on another server, and the directory size of a folder on another system. I've tried to search through the documentation for an example, but have been unsuccessful. I'm sure that this has been done many times over, but I don't know what to search for. Any resources or examples out there? Help!

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          Maybe I'm looking at this wrong. I'm looking into working with dependencies now to see if that's the way to go. I guess that I would build this application monitor by taking this component from this server and another from a different server and "voila" I'm now monitoring the application. After some trial and error, it looks like dependencies are the way to go.