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    Report on windows services monitored on each node



      I wonder if anybody can help me /put me in the right direction

      Main thing, we're using SAM to monitor our windows servers' services

      We've spent a long time going through all and selecting the services to monitor we want, so when any stops we get an alert.

      Now, going forward, I want to make sure we don't miss services in the future not selected to be monitored.

      for instance, a new software install on a server may add new services which they'll need to be added to the app template.

      So i'm trying to create a report which lists all our windows servers with all their services and the ones being monitored.

      So i picture a report, in its simplest form, with 3 columns,

      - Column one showing nodes (scope only on vendor = windows)

      - Column two > a list of windows services per node

      - Column three > the status of each service (monitored / not monitored)

      Althoguh I thought it'd be easy, I'm stuck here trying to get this acomplished

      Anybody done it before or similar?