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    Performance Analysis - Windows Service Components


      In building a Performance Analysis project, I can find the Application Monitor template and under find metric are the Component Monitors assigned to that Application for metric data.


      In this particular case, I'm looking to see MaxPercentCPU of the Services I have being monitors by Windows Service Monitor Components. I have 8 of these monitors that make up a collection of Services for said Application Monitor template.


      My trouble is that, This metric shows for each component- but with the Application Template name, not the Component Monitor name. The chart data is accurate.. showing difference MaxPercentCPU statistics for each service.. but as they are all listed with the Application Template name.. you can't figure out which metric belongs to which Service.


      I've come to the conclusion I may just have to break application templates down to contain a single component monitor to get the desired result, which is cumbersome at best. Is there anything I might be overlooking?