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    managing escalating alerts


      Figured I throw this out there to see if somebody else has fought this problem.


      How do you all manage alert escalation for after hours alerts? We have an on-call rotation and if the alerts aren't acknowledged in a certain time, say 10 or 15 minutes, we would like to have the next person in line alerted.

      I know SolarWinds will do the escalation, it's the acknowledgements that I'm wondering about.

      I'm wondering if there is a quick / easy / scriptable / text message or email reply-able acknowledgement feature so that whoever is on call overnight doesn't need to log in to solarwinds to acknowledge the alert, but could do it from their phone.

      How do you guys handle this issue? Does everybody just get out of bed, vpn in to work, log into SolarWinds and then find the alerts and acknowledge them? Is there an easier remote way?


      Any ideas?