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    Requests from a client




      I've had had a meeting with some clients and they have some request which i'm not sure if possible in Solarwinds

      - Changing custom fields, depending on earlier answers.  When a client answer 'yes ' i want to show him custom fields A, but when he answers 'No'  i want to show hom custom field B.

      - Is it possible to connect any 'Whatsapp 'functionality to Solarwinds? We are starting to communicate with client using Whatsapp an we would like to connect Whatsapp to Solarwinds.

      - I need to use a survey for a specific location group. But i just want them to use a or button. Is that possible in the usual survey?


      Thank you all in avance!

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          I can answer the first question. You cannot change custom fields within a specific ticket. Custom fields are global objects and cannot be modified within a specific request. You can drive an action rule off of them, maybe you can do that to suit your needs. If they answer yes, you can modify a custom field value and vice versa for no. Don't know if that helps, but that's what I have to do on a couple request types. Would be a nice option to add this type of feature in a future upgrade.

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            why would you want to use "What'sapp" when SMS messaging is as simple as sending an email? And, even if you are married to "WhatsApp", you should be able to send an email to the application and have it appear as an SMS using Action rules. We work through Omnilert in a similar fashion for certain alert t ypes that require immedate alerting to resources.


            Couldn't find anything about customizing the survey output

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