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    Solarwinds Queries


      I have a two sets of Windows devices to monitor using NPM and SAM


      First set I can use SNMP/WMI/Powershell for polling

      For this group I need to monitor resource utilization such as HDD/RAM/CPU, Application Monitor and also hardware fault such as fan, HDD failure notification

      What should be my polling protocol (SNMP or WMI?) and how can I achieve hardware failure notification.



      Second set I can use SNMP/WMI but Powershell installation is not allowed.

      For this group same as above but application monitoring is not needed.

      What should be my polling protocol (SNMP or WMI?) and how can I achieve hardware failure notification.

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          The options you have do not necessarily follow a hard rule for implementation.  These options give you the flexibility to adjust to the constraints or preference in each environment.  Are you more comfortable with Powershell?  WMI is available right out of the box, where SNMP requires setup.  Different systems may require you to leverage different polling methods. 


          I use WMI to monitor the OS.  I use SNMP to monitor hardware via mgmt. cards.  I use PowerShell for custom stuff.

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            Mark Roberts

            Servers can be polled via the following methods/protocols; Agent, WMI, SNMP, with all of these providing hardware health, as long as the server management agents are installed i.e. HP Insight etc.


            Which to use depends on a number of conditions with WMI being the most common for Windows servers. Agents tends to be used for remote servers or for servers in secure networks and provide the same level of information as WMI provides. SNMP, while slightly more efficient and when I say slightly I mean nothing that will be noticeable, but offers a reduced level of data collection compared to WMI.


            Regarding your PowerShell comment, this is used within the SAM module for Orion and is required for some data collection such as AppInsight for IIS/SQL/Exchange (amongst others) and is therefore recommended to allow if you possibly can.


            The following KB article may be useful for you Polling methods used by Orion - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


            I hope this helps.