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    WPM using a high amount of CPU


      Hello all,


      Not sure if this is an issue or if it is normal. I think it is an issue though.


      The process Solarwinds.SEUM.Agent.Worker has decided that on occasion it is going to use 35% of the CPU (usually split into 2 separate processes with the same name each using between 15 to 20%). I only have 4 transactions each with 1 or 2 steps where they only go to the page and do not have any interaction. I've opened a ticket but haven't received any information other than run the configuration wizard and restart the services. Which we have done and these processes continue to do this.


      I loaded up process explorer and process monitor and at the time I see Solarwinds.SEUM.Agent.Worker ramping up from 1% usage to the 15% usage I see quite a few Operations RegQueryValue, and RegOpenKey with the Result being NAME NOT FOUND or REPARSE.


      I don't have a whole lot of experience with this kind of thing but I figure posting here might be worth a shot.


      Any insight or thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.

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          Steven Hunt

          I'd have to look in my environment, but I don't think it would be terribly uncommon for CPU to spike when playback is happening. The amount of information being processed during that period could have an impact.

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            Unfortunately, This behavior is normal. WPM is very CPU intensive and we've had to build a server farm for our WPM players.


            We found the WPM player agent was running multiple transactions at the same time in parallel. This would result in the periods of the CPU being overloaded in a cyclic fashion. Any time the CPU would max the playback response times would be affected of course. In an effort to force WPM players to run the transactions serially. I reduced the number of worker processes to a value that matches the number of CPU cores and set max playbacks per worker to 1. This forced all playbacks to run 1 at a time per worker and settled the CPU activity.


            Edit: C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SEUM\Player\SolarWinds.SEUM.Agent.Service.exe.config

            The two properties you want to modify are:




            Save and restart the WPM services on that player.

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                Thanks for the tips. I should have updated this. It appears the server farm for the players or just a separate machine for the player is what should be done. Was advised by support to run the player on a separate machine than the rest of my solarwinds products.