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    WPM using a high amount of CPU


      Hello all,


      Not sure if this is an issue or if it is normal. I think it is an issue though.


      The process Solarwinds.SEUM.Agent.Worker has decided that on occasion it is going to use 35% of the CPU (usually split into 2 separate processes with the same name each using between 15 to 20%). I only have 4 transactions each with 1 or 2 steps where they only go to the page and do not have any interaction. I've opened a ticket but haven't received any information other than run the configuration wizard and restart the services. Which we have done and these processes continue to do this.


      I loaded up process explorer and process monitor and at the time I see Solarwinds.SEUM.Agent.Worker ramping up from 1% usage to the 15% usage I see quite a few Operations RegQueryValue, and RegOpenKey with the Result being NAME NOT FOUND or REPARSE.


      I don't have a whole lot of experience with this kind of thing but I figure posting here might be worth a shot.


      Any insight or thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.