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      I have been trying to piece together a path to get this issue I have done. I am new to all of these applications and learning as I go.


      1. Create a poller for all of the Servers with Raid arrays

      2. Create an alert for the Arrays to alert when they fail

      3. Be able to monitor this on are SolarWinds view panel on the wall


      I was able to get a test poller for my Dell servers with a raid array as a test to try and learn this process


      I have read the docs on each of these and a watched some videos. I just cannot seem to put together the path between each one.


      Does someone have a link to a good tutorial on how to create a Cutom poller for monitoring raid arrays, then add it into NPM, set an alert and then show that alert in NPM view?


      I tried to do this in that exact order but I seem to be missing something somewhere my logic.


      Thank you