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    Upgrade of NPM, NCM and NTA - How long does it take?


      I am in the early stages of planning an upgrade to the latest version of our Orion platform, we have three modules NPM (12.0.1), NCM (7.5.1) and NTA (4.2.1), and we run an HA setup with an additional poller server. All the servers run Windows 2012, the database is SQL 2016 and the separate Flow Database server for NTA.


      I am aware looking at the guidelines that Solarwinds provide that I have to Disable HA, upgrade Primary then Secondary and then re-enable the HA. But how much downtime should I expect to experience?


      We run 24x7 so there is never a good time to carry out an upgrade and I have to make the business aware and depending on how long may have an impact on time of day/week that the upgrade occurs.


      The easy answer is 'It depends on the hardware, size of database etc', but any help or knowledge from anyone else that has already completed an upgrade will give me a valuable insight and is much appreciated.


      Once I am done with the upgrade I will post details on my experience that may help others.


      Many thanks in advance.