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    Solarwinds agent with status "Reboot Pending"


      Hello guys,


      We have deploy Solarwinds agent to some of our workstations and server (Windows) in order to make it easier than WMI.


      But we have some agent with the status "Reboot Pending" ...

      - The agent version is the lastest

      - All plugins are well installed and configured

      - One machine is not responding and no datas are collected for this node (Agent installed and well configured but status "reboot pending")


      The problem is that we cannot reboot servers just for the monitoring agent..



      We have noticed that the workstations with this status (Reboot Pending) are waiting for a reboot after windows updates...



      Why do we have this feeling ? Why one of our node cannot be polled even if the agent is well installed and configured ?


      Thank you in advance