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    If you use NPM . . .


      If you use NPM and love its many canned reports and its awesome ability to create customized reports, won't you please vote for similar reporting functionality to be created for User Device Tracker by clicking on the link below and voting UP?


      Create more canned and custom reports to leverage UDT information, please?


      If you have UDT, you know how useful it is.  AND you know how much information is discovered by it and stored in the Solarwinds Orion Database.  Like me, you've probably been mining it with SDK and custom SWQL queries, but they don't show up in the beautiful format of NPM reports.


      UDT is impressive and helpful; won't you help me generate interest from Solarwinds Support to flesh it out the way NPM is?


      Thank you for your kind consideration,


      Rick Schroeder