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    Approval process question


      Is it possible to setup the WHD so that:


      1.  Ticket is created per "Action Rule" - done

      2.  Action Rule yields to "Run Task" of a "Task"  - done

      3.  Setup a Task Element which creates a Ticket with a designated "Request Types"  - done

           3a) The request type is configured with "Approval Process" which generates an email for an approval  - done

           3b) Only when the ticket has been "approved", it will generate 3 additional tickets (child of the Request Type from #3)

                [I can build child request types, but how can I trigger an automated creation of sub-tickets when the main requested ticket has been approved?]


      I can set it up where the approval process is triggered at the child request type level, but I'd like have the initial ticket approved once, rather than having the WHD to generate multiple approval emails for each child request type.

      Can someone help please?

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          This sounds simple (unless i'm missing something) 

          So the initial ticket (step 1) can have an approval process tied to it.  You can make it so that when a ticket has been Approved that it changes the status of that ticket to Approved (or whatever other Status name you want to define).
          Then have the Action Rule in step 2 only trigger on 'criteria didn't match before..." on the first tab and "status = approved" (and probably also "request type = your request type name, also)  on the 2nd tab.

          Alternatively, you could have the 1st step in the Task have an approval process tied to it, and then you could have a setting on that first "Task Element" that says to only proceed when Status = Approved for the first task element.

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