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    Needed Approved and Not Installed Approved Columns Empty


      Hi guys, these columns are blank for all my systems even though I know some of them have pending updates approved. I though this data would be available from the WSUS inventory (runs daily). is there some other inventory I need to run for this?

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          Is this from your Enterprise view or a report?  If you're looking at Enterprise -> Update Services -> <Your WSUS Server> if this information is not getting updated it means your machines are not contacting WSUS.


          If this is a specific report (and you can let us know which one) then it's likely an issue with Inventory.  That could still mean your machines aren't contacting WSUS, or the Inventory is timing out, or a few other things.  If it is a report, you may want to check your Task History to make sure that your WSUS Inventory is completing without errors and work outwards from there.