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    Thwack Monthly Mission


      Today I answered the question with "Gain visibility into VPN tunnels," and it said it was wrong. I do not agree since the whole line in the doc was "Gain visibility into VPN tunnels, failover monitoring, and connection counts"  and the last two sections of this question failover and connection were exactly what is stated in the hint? What's up with that?

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          The question offered a hint that showed the counted of desired letters and words to be entered, which was  " Gain visibility into _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ " .


          The correct answer for this clue would be in the format of three-letters followed by seven letters, per the spaces in the hint.


          Many people were thrown off by the forward slash.



          But Brett has indicated he'll review answers marked wrong, and give credit or reset them if he determines the answer you provided was close enough.




          Swift Packets!


          Rick Schroeder

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              You're very welcome.


              My personal recommendations for Missions:

              1. Before you answer any Thwack Mission questions, wait a few hours for others to discover technical difficulties.  The folks Down Under are our canaries in the mine, and sometimes they'll discover problems and post them before anyone in The States sees the new mission questions.  And Thwacksters in Europe and the U.S. East Coast will hit those mission pages early and hard--and then post issues and sad faces and disappointment if the questions are tricky or confusing.
              2. Then ALWAYS read that morning's Comments on the Mission.  You'll likely save yourself some frustration or mistakes.