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    What can be monitored for VMware VSAN?


      Hi All,


      Need some assistance. We have been requested to check the parameters that can monitored in Solarwinds for vSAN? This could mean both network part, storage and at virtualization level.

      I have mentioned the expectations below.


      Monitor System performance

      Monitor CPU, Memory utilization

      Monitor vSAN Cluster

      Monitor the health status of vSAN cluster

      Monitor vSAN Capacity

      Monitor vSAN datastore utilization

      Monitor vSAN Network

      Monitor vSAN network health

      Monitor Virtual Devices in the vSAN Cluster

      Monitor the status of virtual disks in the vSAN cluster.

      Monitor Physical Devices in vSAN Datastores

      Monitor the status of physical devices in vSAN Datastores

      Monitor vSAN Health Service Alarms

      Monitor default vSAN alarms related to the cluster, hosts, and existing vSAN licenses.

      Monitor VMkernel system events

      Monitor if any failures in the cluster