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    Services and Counters Alert constantly switches between "Warning" and "Up" states


      I am getting bombarded with alerts that say the following:


      Component Pages/sec of Application "Windows Server 2003-2012 Services and Counters" on server_x is currently in a "Warning" state. 


      Click the link below for more information related to this component:




      Additional Information:

      Pages/sec is the number of pages read from the disk or written to the disk to resolve memory references to pages that were not in memory at the time of the reference. This is the sum of Pages Input/sec and Pages Output/sec. This counter includes paging traffic on behalf of the system Cache to access file data for applications.

      This should be 0-20 at all times. It is unhealthy if this is greater than 80, which probably indicates there is not enough RAM.



      Once I click on the link it takes me to a page that shows the following:



      I honestly have no idea what this alert is even trying to tell me about my server. It's one of the out of the box alerts with no special settings. Can someone explain what it's monitoring? I get hundreds of them a day.