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    The upgrade removed the stupid export function...Random question/rant/other.


      This report took forever to get right,  I did an upgrade to the latest edition of NPM/SAM/Other and the darn export button has vanished.  Which means that the resource that I used to get this working has either been removed or unsupported.

      I know it's not the application because if I try their report templates they have the export function.

      I know, I am aware that I should not get to wound up, but this a business critical report and the whole this is no redundant.  Plus I have been messing around all day trying to replicate this graph and I have got no where and it makes me feel like I have wasted a day of something that seems so simple to generate.


      I can see what the chart type is, but I can not find a replacement for this chat-type.

      Below is a representation of the response times for a Linux script that runs on one of the servers.  It is then requested to send data about a particular interface and it's respective response times.






      When I generate the chart from new. I get the same problem.  Which indicates that the chart type is not supported anymore.

      *sad face*

      Sorry for the rant.  It's just frustrating.