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    Why do they order  of the selected Metrics change when refreshing PerfStack Graphs?


      If I select  multiple metrics to graph on a single chart,  the order of the metrics ( and color) changes randomly if I refresh the  page.

      Example I initially choose 12 hour time frame.   I get the chart and the metrics are in a specific order

      after a bit of time, I reselect the 12 hour time frame to get the most recent 12 hours, and the order of the Metrics changes, as do the colors associated with each metric.

      This happens randomly and does not effect all metrics.


      Example:   I choose Transmit and Receive  Metric for each of 3 interfaces

      All three graphs have Transmit on the top and receive on the bottom and each has it's specific color

      All three graphs reflect this the same way


      I then reselect the 12 hour option again to refresh to the latest 12 hour period.

      Now on one of the graphs Receive metric is on the top and Transmit on the bottom and their colors have been swapped.


      Makes it very hard to do comparisons.


      Is this a bug?,  certainly is not a feature!