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    Network atlas/mapping question

    Andy McBride

      Hey all - Happy Nov 1!


      I know I have solved this in the past but I have been stuck working with sub-par monitoring systems for the last two years so some of my Orion half-lives have been burned.


      I have some maps that I want users to ad-hoc access  so I am using the Custom List of Maps resource. The maps come up fine but that annoying node list always appears under the maps. It make clean maps look awful. How can I provide all the maps to my users withour said node list?


      Thanks, Andy

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          You could trade out the 'Custom List of Maps Resource' with the 'User Links' or 'Custom HTML' resource and link to a view where the map is contained within a resource. That resource can be the entire page.


          The 'full screen' page where the current 'Custom List of Maps' resource takes users always includes the list of entities and their status and currently cannot be removed. The only viable workaround I can think of is the one I referenced above.