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    Issues with alerts after upgrade


      Good afternoon.


      I did an upgrade (to 12.3?) Monday and everything appeared fine.  Then yesterday I noticed that some of the alerts were a little broken.  As in they are not showing any stats when they are sent to the mailbox.

      As a precaution, I built a new alert and then tested the alert that was sent to me.  This is the result that I received.


      Informational : Disk space usage on disk ${FullName} is
      now ${VolumePercentUsed} on xxxxx xxxx xxx


      Node name -

      IP address - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx DNS:

      Description - xxxxx xxxx xxxx - Physical, ESXi hosts
      Comments - Total size is ${VolumeSize} & there is ${VolumeSpaceAvailable}


      This email was generated by the Disk space alert.
      01.06.2017 - SJC alert.


      Please visit
      for more information.




      Here is the screenshot as evidence.  If I simulate the alert, it comes out fine without any issues, but when it's rolled out for an actual alert, I get the above.

      Has anyone else had this issue, or is this a call to solarwinds?