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    Server 2016 - Windows Update Log


      Anyone else getting a blank page when trying to view the Windows Update Log on a Server 2016 server, when trying to view via the Computer Explorer?


      Any clues on how to fix this?

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          So, I never actually tried to access the log this way, but I am having issues with the Windows Update Log on Server 2016.  When I pull the logs via PowerShell (Get-WindowsUpdateLog) the log is completely unreadable.  I think there is an issue with the Symbols that it uses to decode the log.  I wasn't sure if it was an issue with my own environment or an issue that others are having.  I've opened a ticket with Microsoft and awaiting a reply.

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            So, if I were to guess, the reason it is not available via Computer explorer in Patch Manager is because the log is no longer stored as a text file. (C:\windows\windowsupdate.log)  It is now accessible via the PowerShell command get-windowsupdatelog.  It converts the log into a text file using symbols much like debug logs. 


            The problem I've been seeing is most of my 2016 servers have an unreadable log.  The symbols are corrupt.  I've gotten around that by copying the symbols from a good server to the bad.  This is user setting because it is stored in %temp%\WindowsUpdateLog\SymCache. Smarter people than me can probably read into that more.


            Microsoft confirmed that they see the issue too, perhaps it was a recent patch.  They weren't much more help and I didn't have time to press.


            I am very concerned because every month it is something different with Server 2016 and WSUS and they don't seem concerned with it.  They are not planning a big SP or feature upgrade.  They want you to go to the cloud where everything just works there and there are puppies and unicorns, etc.

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                Its exactly because of the symbols and is not just a problem with server 2016 but also with Win 10 1607.  The good news is they have fixed the problem in Win 10 1703 and in the newest version of Server 2016, but sadly that version is core only.  Once they actually upgrade server 2016 the symbols will not be a problem anymore just like its not a problem with Win 10 anymore.