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    v7 to v8 migration - Confused...


      From what I can gather I should be ditching the current v7.1 on the linux box in favour of installing VMAN 8 on Windows however I'm a bit confused over whether I should be installing this on a separate machine or whether it installs as an additional module on my poller. My two pollers are already struggling a bit with resources so I would like to run it on a standalone machine if that is at all possible, or at the very least on my additional poller rather than the main poller. As for migrating my current VMAN setup - everything I read just says that it does this automatically with the software updater but I am unable to use the online updater due to internet restrictions on the pollers - Is there a standalone migration tool?


      Thanks in advance for any answers.

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          What is your current setup? Do you have VMAN Appliance (Linux VMAN) integrated with Orion? or do you have only standalone VMAN Appliance with 2 federated collectors?


          Main new feature in VIM 8 is that you don't need VMAN appliance anymore (= integration appliance with Orion), because VIM (VMAN in Orion) is now able to poll everything like VMAN Appliance, so you don't need linux VMAN appliance anymore.

          VIM 8 has to be installed/upgraded on main poller, but to distribute utilization you could deploy some free pollers. These free pollers will be polling data and just sending results to main.

          There is new Migration wizard in VIM 8, that will migrate all your data-sources automatically from VMAN Appliance to your Orion, so you don't have to do it alone, one by one. You don't need internet connection for this, but connection between VMAN Appliance and Orion is needed (but if you have integration working now, connection is allowed)

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