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    Importing Alerts




      We are building our Solarwinds system again from scratch but will need some of the alerts from our current system.  Our version of NPM is 12.0.1


      As a test I decided to export one of our current alerts, delete it, then import it back in.  I followed the 'exporting and importing alerts via the web interface' document and it looked like it was going to work but the alert isn't there.


      The alert definitely exported.  Then to import I clicked on 'manage alerts', selected 'import alert' from the 'EXPORT/IMPORT ' drop down, double clicked the alert (which is a .xml file) it then looks like something is happening but when I search for the alert it isn't there.


      Is there something I'm possibly doing wrong!?  It seems pretty straight forward according to the document


      I'm concerned because there's no way I could recreate all our alerts from scratch in our new system so I need to be able to import them :-/



      Thanks Anita