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    Solarwinds npm Custom chart with dynamic result


      we need to create a multiple chart with dynmacliy


      for example


      there is a report which contains interfaces; percent utilization greater than 90 at last week;


      is there any way to and chart all percent utilization this interface about last week?




      I tried to add custom chart but it creates all interfaces in one chart.


      we can add some link to sign this chart,but it seems just interface detail pages

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          So you just wanna chart any interface that hit 90% utilization correct?  How many interfaces are we talking about?  Depending on the number of interfaces that could be reporting a 90% utilization, this may not be legible in the chart at all.  You may be better of reporting on a table.  Getting your timestamped utilization per interface.


          Creating custom charts using custom SQL queries are straight forward.  I would often get a request to chart out utilization on circuit on a previous week during business hours only.  These are normally limited to a handful of circuits.  It can be done but you may need to be able to do them in smaller groups.