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    Connecting two buildings together. Network theory


      Hello Everyone,

      I have a college assignment I'm doing where I need to design a network and connect it to another building across the river where more computers exist. I'm making this diagram in Cisco packet tracer. What sort of connection should I use to link both the buildings. Wired isn't really a good option as both buildings are fairly low and on each side of a 100ft wide river. How can I do this?


      Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,




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          Suggestion would be to post this in a different group. I would like to think you would get a lot more 'hits' than in the WHD group.


          For us, we use MPLS for each our pharmacies. Granted they are much further apart, but that would be fairly inexpensive. If you needed to have a much higher bandwidth, we have a Metro-E connection between our main data center and our DR site.


          Hope this helps.

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            A possible cost-effective solution is to use Line-of-sight (LOS) wifi antennas.  There are wide selection of antennas which are readily available from local electronics stores.

            Keep in mind, you should have a clear line of sight to produce the highest performance, and the performance will be negatively impacted when the weather is bad (wind, rain, hails, etc...) or when a big ship may block the line-of-sight.

            If the cost is not an issue and you require a latency-sensitive applications like voice and video, MPLS or Metro-E may be a better solution as edwelly suggested.