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    upload cisco macro config




      Does any one has problem with upload macro config?

      I think NCM has problem with @ in the end of the config ?





      switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q ! May fail - ignore

      switchport mode private-vlan trunk

      switchport private-vlan association trunk 8 7

      switchport private-vlan trunk native vlan 7

      switchport private-vlan trunk allowed vlan 2,7

      no switchport private-vlan trunk native vlan tag

      switchport nonegotiate

      switchport block multicast

      switchport block unicast

      switchport port-security

      switchport port-security maximum 2

      switchport port-security aging time 60

      switchport port-security aging type inactivity

      ip access-group access-nointernet in

      max-reserved-bandwidth 99 ! May fail - ignore

      duplex full ! May fail - ignore

      no snmp trap link-status

      qos trust dscp ! May fail - ignore

      storm-control broadcast level 1.00

      storm-control action shutdown

      tx-queue 3 ! May fail - ignore

      priority high ! May fail - ignore

      no cdp enable

      spanning-tree portfast trunk ! May fail - ignore

      spanning-tree portfast edge trunk ! May fail - ignore

      spanning-tree bpdufilter enable

      spanning-tree bpduguard enable

      ip igmp max-groups 7

      ip igmp max-groups action replace

      ip igmp filter 20

      ip verify source vlan dhcp-snooping

      ip dhcp snooping limit rate 15