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    SQL Database table info


      Hello all. I'm working on an inventory project and I'm trying to bounce info from SolarWinds up against another inventory tool. I've gotten most of the appropriate table to get info, but I can't find the FEX serial numbers.


      In the web interface I can see the 5K switch in my list of items, then go to the FEX info tab and see all of my 2K's associated with it. I can see in there my serial numbers for each 2K and need to get all of that info directly from the SQL server. So I know the data is in there somewhere.


      I'm trying to find the table where the FEX info is stored. Anyone have that info available?


      And yes, I've been using various queries to search so far, but no real luck.

      SELECT *


      WHERE column_name LIKE '%Serial%'


      I'm looking for the tables that represent this data in the web GUI

      This is found on the Node Details > Nexus FEX Info page

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          I dont have any fex in the current environment to be sure, but I suspect it will be here


          SELECT * FROM [dbo].[NCM_Entity_Physical]


          If not there then it will still probably be in one of those NCM_ tables somewhere

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              This is close... has a bunch of my FEX info in there, but for some reason, does not have the specific serial number I'm searching for atm. I can see the serial number in my SolarWinds 'Node Details > Nexus FEX Info' tab, but it's just not in this table.

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              Hello again everyone. I've managed to answer my own question, but not really to my satisfaction.


              Well, as it turns out... the FEX info I was seeing in my web interface was a custom universal poller someone before me had created. The data is stored in the dbo.CustomPollerStatus table.


              Unfortunately, it simple gathers the 'status' info from the specific OID table and that gets stored in the DB. The 'status' is several things, including the name of the device, the serial number of the devices, etc.


              I threw together a SQL query to pull some of the data together, but I need to refine it a bit more. I know it's ugly right now, but I just haven't put much time into is since the data is not really collected and stored properly by SW. Maybe future me will come back with something a little cleaner.















              FROM SolarWindsOrion.dbo.CustomPollerStatus AS CPS

              LEFT JOIN SolarWindsOrion.dbo.CustomPollerAssignment AS CPA ON CPA.CustomPollerAssignmentID=CPS.CustomPollerAssignmentID

              LEFT JOIN Nodes AS N on N.NodeID=CPA.NodeID

              LEFT JOIN APM_HardwareInfo AS HI ON HI.NodeID=CPA.NodeID

              WHERE CPA.AssignmentName LIKE '%DEVICE_NAME_HERE%' AND CPS.RowID >='990000'

              ORDER BY CPS.Status DESC


              With all this said... seems like SolarWinds should look at the FEX devices as actual devices. I know it's difficult because they don't really have an IP address to be monitored seperately, but they do exist and they are available for the system to poll. It would be nice if SolarWinds treated them as individual nodes of some type and could give us more info on them. Until then, custom pollers created by us, the consumers will simply have to do.