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    VMAN 8.0 Licensing


      Hello All,


      I'm trying to clarify my understanding of the changes within VMAN 8.0.


      I understand there are three types of monitoring here;


      - Basic, which doesn't require a VMAN license

      - VMAN Appliance, which I had previously but will not want going forward

      - VMAN Orion, which does the full polling and requires a VMAN license.


      The reason I'm unclear is that previously, when I installed NPM, SAM and VMAN trials I had a Virtualization TAB under 'My Dashboards'. I've now installed NPM and SAM using the offline installer and have tried today to install VMAN as well using the same installer. Even though this seems to complete, I don't have a Virtualization tab and I can't see any new features.


      The offline installer also reports that it is not installed when I re-run it, and the Orion website reports "2 products in evaluation".


      Is this expected, as all the polling features are part of Orion now, or should I see that I am trialing VMAN as a separate product?


      If it turns out VMAN is not installed, I'm struggling to see what other features over just using SAM. Is there a comparison table of the Orion Polling that doesn't require a license vs the VMAN module features?


      Thanks in advance!



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          Hi, it looks like in your case the evaluation has not been started correctly, so you are currently don't have the VMAN functionality active. Since you have already installed VMAN, what you can do is go to the Settings -> Virtualization Settings and there you should find button to start evaluation, once you click on it, the evaluation should be started and you should have the VMAN functionality available.