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    Patching Overwelming, need help ASAP!


      So, I am new to patching and I have been put in charge of Deploying patches using WSUS, it seems overwhelming all those patches and choices that need to be maid during the deployment.

      Too many choices and drop down arrows, and menus to choose from, I guess this company is behind on the patches and there seems to be a lot of patches to catch up with and I am in the driver seat now. Can any one help to give me a quick tutorial of what is the best approach to this mess that I am in?

      - Do I deploy "All Updates", or just Critical or Security updates?

      - What do I choos on the approval box? Approved, Unaproved, etc?

      - What a bout the status?

      beside all this I have PC'sTest Groups and servers groups.

      Any advise will be greatly appreciated