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    Mount point capacity monitoring stopped


      Just opened a support case,1343324, as I had found after the upgrade to NPM 12.2 and SAM 6.4 our mount point drives on a servers are no longer polling capacity.   I learned this morning this is a recently discovered bug and I shouldn't upgrade my production system if I can help it.  The problem is the system is already upgraded.   This was not listed in the known issues on the release notes.  I understand development is working on a fix, however, just a bit of feedback here, it would be nice as these are discovered that release notes in the customer portal are updated to list out things like this.  It may be that in most environments mount points may not be a critical drive, however, in our environment, our SQL servers utilize mount points for their data and log drives.  This leaves us somewhat exposed as we now can no longer be pro-active on these drives in regards to capacity.   We will have little to know warning if these drives fill up.  Had this been in the release notes, I would have held off upgrading until a fix was released.