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    Extreme Switches send command and save?


      I'm doing an activity in Cat Tools which is using the Device.CLI.SendCommands function.


      My command looks like this...


      configure bootprelay add x.x.x.x vr VR-Default




      I've also tried


      configure bootprelay add x.x.x.x vr VR-Default



      Whichever way I do this, it "works" in that the command is successfully added to the switch.  The problem is I don't know if it has been actually saved or not.  I'm worried if I reboot a switch it won't even have the information still there.


      In the Cat tools logs it says "did not receive expected response to command save"   and "aborting command entry due to command error".


      The switch is definitely returning the usual "are you sure you want to save the configuration.cfg yes or no" and cat tools doesn't like that I guess?


      Any tips on the general way you would want to send any command at all to an extreme switch and ensure it saves?


      I found this thread from several years ago, I would have thought they would have updated the script by now...


      Cattools issue saving config to Extreme Switches with script...