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    SolarWinds Domains/IP's To Add to Trusted Sites (Partially Solved)


      SOLVED (kind of): Figured this one out myself.  After doing a Wireshark capture while downloading something from the CustomerPortal, I confirmed that the files are hosted at amazonaws.com, which was already added as a Trusted Site on the server, yet  any file downloaded from there was still "Blocked" and had to be UnBlocked.    This doesn't technically solve my main question which is "Is there a list of external Domains and IP Addresses that Orion polling engines contact?", but I at least solved the issue of Trusted Site downloads still being blocked.


      For those interested in solving it, here is what I did:

      • Opened the inetcpl.cpl from an administrator command prompt (right-click on cmd and choose Run as Administrator)
      • Clicked on the Security tab and chose Trusted Sites
      • Clicked the Custom Level button near the bottom
      • Scrolled down to the Miscellaneous section
      • Changed the option for "Launching applications and unsafe files" from Prompt to Enable
      • Then clicked "OK", then "Apply". 


      Now, you can technically do this for the Internet Zone, but I highly recommend you don't.  Instead, add the domains you know are trusted (like solarwinds.com, amazonaws.com, etc…) to your Trusted Sites list, then change this setting.  As long as you don't have a domain group policy overriding this it should fix it for you.


      Original question:

      There used to be a Support article that listed all of the Domains and IP's that SolarWinds uses to host their websites and downloadable content.  This was useful for companies that had tight firewall restrictions since they could add exceptions for these to their ACL's.  While we don't have heavy restrictions on our internet connections here, I do like to keep the Internet Control Panel Trusted Sites list on our SolarWinds servers filled in with all of the domains and sites that it contacts to insure that the Trusted Site policies are applied to the proper sites.  However, even though I have *.SolarWinds.com added as a trusted site on all of our SolarWinds servers and my local workstation, any time I download something from the Customer Portal I still have to right-click on it and Unblock, making me think that the actual installers are hosted on a third party site.  We have amazonaws and amazon added, so if it was hosted there it still wouldn't be blocked.


      Is there still a list anywhere of all of the IP's/Domains that SolarWinds servers access, including the domain where the Customer Portal installer and hotfix files are hosted?  Especially since we have the all-in-one online installers now, I'd really like the Trusted Site policy being applied to all of the downloads that the installer gets.


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