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    Post creation task editing


      Hey y'all,


      Have you ever tried to edit a task only to find out that you can't get to the Classifications, Message, or want to make the grace period be longer than 15 minutes?  Well what follows is a work around for all of those situations. (Haven't found the magic mix for having one task go against multiple OU's yet.)


      Tools needed:

      XML editor (I use Notepad++)

      Patch Manager console

      SQL Server Management Studio (not required, but maybe useful for automation/"applification" of the process)


      Find your task in the PM console and find the ID field (it has a monstrous hexadecimal number).

      In Windows Explorer go to your PM install directory. Then go to Server -> Scheduled.

      Now find the directory with the task ID and edit the task.xml file.

      You will be looking for the <callparameters> section.


      The first callparameter line is where you will find the Message and the grace period.  I have not tested how long you can make the grace period, however do note it's in minutes.  I do know that 30 minutes works fine. And I have found there's a viewable character limit of 141, after that your message gets cut off (I haven't seen that noted anywhere in the PM console when creating tasks).

      The different Classifications are done individually in the following callparameter lines.  I created a temp task with all classifications and then copied to a OneNote so I would have the exact syntax for each class.


      Once you are done editing the file save it, and then reload the task in the PM console and your changes will appear.


      SQL Server stuff:

      You will be looking at the ewbatchtasks table in your EmninentWare DB.  The batchid field is the marker to match in the SolarWinds directory from above.


      Hope this helps!


      Have a blessed day,