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    Auto Prune inactive nodes?


      Hey all,

      My environment has a ton of VM's that are only spun up for a few weeks then destroyed using vRA for self service.
      It's easy enough to automatically bring them in through polling but im looking for a way to automate the removal of nodes.
      It could be a workflow that checks for A,B,C and if all are met removes the node from monitoring.
      Is anyone doing something similar or dose anyone have any good ideas?

      Only theory I came up with was scripting against the API.

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          Correct, there is no command or scheme available through the GUI to remove nodes automatically.  Remove-SwisObject coupled with a query to find which nodes you want to remove is the common way to automate this task.  I expect you could probably just embed this all directly into the decom scripts you use in vra to destroy the computer in the first place.  The goal when using automation tools like vRA is for your server build pipeline to automatically create nodes in orion, populate all the necessary custom properties based on the data given in the build request, and then kill them at the end of the life cycle.