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    How SAM and Vman Changed us for the better

    skippy jon jones

      Hello everyone reading this review!


      I just wanted to touch on a few things that I love about solarwinds, at my organization I have held many different hats in the IT world and then IT Monitoring became my home most recently. Now our organization used solarwinds very much out of the box and with a few alerts set up here and there but it was causing a flood gate of emails to our datacenter team. With a dedicated team to monitoring we were able to turn all of those alerts into actual real time alerts, ticket generation, and even ticket closures with some automation for the fixes in place. This frees up the datacenter team to focus on other important tasks. Now for Vman and its benefits, the ability to specifically speak to the vcenter hosts and get real time data back versus using the SAM module and having a sql query pull data back per VM ( not to mention the amount of polling slots this uses ) was just a huge benefit. Now our company is Extra large with about 19,000 elements so you can imagine trying to alert by talking directly to a vm when there are 650+ versus talking to 5 vcenter hosts was just not the right way to do it. The overall thing I enjoy about these products was that they were delivered to us with the knowledge of the staff at solarwinds. What I mean by this is that when I spoke about the roadblocks I was hitting they asked a few questions to really get a grasp on the companies needs and then recommended a few tools for us. Vman was one of those tools and I couldn't be happier with the ease of alerting, poller stress, and maintenance of build that this offered.