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    Automatically closing ticket after X days.


      Just a quick query, we're running the WHD live now and we've added a Status type of "Resolved" which sends an email to users to check the ticket has been resolved and if they click "Yes" it closes the call all nice and lovely and if they click "No" reopens the call which works fine.


      I've set the status type "Resolved" to Automatically close after 2 weeks as some users don't log onto to confirm their call is complete and we don't want loads of calls sitting there open when we know they are no longer an issue.


      I've started going through and checking my resolved calls to see if users are using the self service portal and marking calls as resolved, and a lot are not, but after 2 weeks the calls are still open. Is there are trigger that the automatically close calls checks for before changing the status type to closed?


      Thanks in advance