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    Having trouble creating a status type action rule


      I'm trying to create an action rule that will not allow a tech to change the status of a ticket to "Approved". I only want the approval process to be able to change the ticket status to "Approved".


      Here's what I currently have for my action rule criteria:


      I've tried testing this on a ticket and I can't even get the rule to trigger. Then I tried getting even more detailed in my criteria, but even that didn't work. I tried adding the following conditions:

      Specific Request Type of the test ticket

      Specific assigned Tech


      There should be no reason why this won't work with the current conditions, I'm almost wondering if there might be a problem with my system. Any help would be appreciated.

        • Re: Having trouble creating a status type action rule

          Could it be that your Actions (Change Status to Assigned) is triggering the Approval Process to no longer be blank?

          Have you tried removing the Status (Approved) from your conditions just to see if you can get a blank approval process to trigger the action?

          Have you moved this particular Action Rule to #1 in the priority, just to eliminate any potential that another Action Rule is superseding it?


          I'm not sure an Action Rule is going to get you what you are looking for anyhow. You may have better luck controlling this through Tech Permissions.