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    Cisco Firepower


      Is there a way to integrate Cisco Firepower into SolarWinds Orion

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          It is possible to monitor the firewall in the latest NPM release. To my knowledge, not the IPS/IDS.


          From Cisco:




          Should be able to send netflow to NTA - AVC - More than 3000 application-layer and risk-based controls can invoke tailored IPS threat-detection policies to improve security effectiveness.

          Monitor the basic firewall, not FirePOWER with NPM - ASA with FirePOWER NGIPS - Highly effective threat prevention and a full contextual awareness of users, infrastructure, applications, and content help you detect multivector threats and automate the defense response.

          Not to my knowledge - Reputation and URL filtering - This filtering provides comprehensive alerting and control over suspect web traffic. It enforces policies on hundreds of millions of URLs in more than 80 categories.

          Not to my knowldege - AMP - Effective breach detection with low TCO offers protection value. Discover, understand, and stop malware and emerging threats missed by other security layers





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