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    Polling at different intervals?


      I think I already know the answer but wants to make sure. Can you tell the polling engine no to poll all the devices at the same time? Let me clarify, Can I group all my devices into 2 or 3 different groups and then tell the polling engine to poll those at different intervals? i.e. poll group 1 every XX, group 2 every XX, and so on.  I'm looking at this question from a network performance point of view, not the solarwinds server.

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          think you can set multiple node polling from manage nodes select them and edit them all change the polling frequency.

          so live 5mins

          preprod 10min

          test 15min


          But  i don't think you can tell them when to poll as you could probably bring the system to a halt if you could.


          Why do you want to do this?

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              Cause I have a large flat network where the switches (L2) are not able to manage all the polling at once and eventually their buffers start dropping packages. without going into details, I can not afford packet drops at all since every packet is of the most importance.

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                  No worries so you want your polling spread out?


                  the system should be handling that on its own if you polll all the devices at the same time wouldn’t that be worse or am I getting the wrong end of the stick.

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                      Hmm, my understanding has always been that polling is done at once system wide. I'm not aware that it is spread out, which is what i'm trying to do.

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                          I would be amazed if it was that would explain a lot of the problems I am having.


                          and if you have multiple nodes open you can see that they poll at different times but there will be some that have the same time but im sure its a queuing system


                          as when you click poll now its not actually now it just adds it to the end of the current list of polling devices.

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                              I just double check and most of the devices poll either at 180 or 240 sec (default values) but they are grouped by device type.  I will have to breakdown all those switches into different time frames to solve my issue.

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                                  the interval time will be the same across most devices but that doesnt mean all the device will get polled at 14:00, 14:05, 14:10... it means batches will fire at different times and the polling interval will be the same


                                  server A added or forced polled at 14:00 this will poll every 5 mins from when it was added. 14:00, 14:05, 14:10..

                                  server B added or foced polled at 14:01 this will poll every 5 mins from when it was added. 14:01, 14:06, 14:11..

                                  server C added or forced polled at 14:02 this will poll every 1 min from when it was added. 14:02, 14:03, 14:04, 14:05


                                  Hopefully someone can confirm this but im sure it queues it and doesnt just fire everything at the same time

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                                      You are correct, and it is granular down to the ms.  You can see by looking at the timestamps for just about any data point in the db, I pasted below an example from my lab showing from one poll to the next for a bunch of devices on a 10 minute interval, you can see they are mostly staggered every few seconds, but sometimes clump up.  The scheduler does the polling on a rolling list based on the time a device was added + the polling interval, doing a poll now will insert an extra datapoint into the schedule but does not change your normal scheduled slot.  I think the only way to get your object reassigned in the scheduler would be to unmanage and remanage the node.


                                      702017-10-23 23:39:56.503
                                      12017-10-23 23:39:54.593
                                      762017-10-23 23:39:48.27
                                      202017-10-23 23:39:20.297
                                      442017-10-23 23:39:18.373
                                      92017-10-23 23:39:07.437
                                      892017-10-23 23:39:05.67
                                      582017-10-23 23:39:02.407
                                      552017-10-23 23:38:59.517
                                      692017-10-23 23:38:28.907
                                      882017-10-23 23:38:13.273
                                      672017-10-23 23:38:11.057
                                      1892017-10-23 23:37:05.79
                                      1912017-10-23 23:37:05.79
                                      1652017-10-23 23:37:00.447
                                      1782017-10-23 23:37:00.447
                                      1792017-10-23 23:37:00.447
                                      1802017-10-23 23:37:00.447
                                      1822017-10-23 23:37:00.447
                                      1902017-10-23 23:37:00.447
                                      1882017-10-23 23:37:00.4
                                      1662017-10-23 23:36:56.977
                                      1842017-10-23 23:36:56.977
                                      412017-10-23 23:36:56.367
                                      842017-10-23 23:36:56.367
                                      862017-10-23 23:36:56.367
                                      822017-10-23 23:36:55.353
                                      222017-10-23 23:36:52.21
                                      432017-10-23 23:36:52.21
                                      802017-10-23 23:36:52.21
                                      852017-10-23 23:36:50.883
                                      192017-10-23 23:36:50.727
                                      242017-10-23 23:36:50.727
                                      62017-10-23 23:36:50.383
                                      302017-10-23 23:36:50.383
                                      462017-10-23 23:36:50.383
                                      472017-10-23 23:36:50.383
                                      482017-10-23 23:36:50.383
                                      1612017-10-23 23:36:50.383
                                      1832017-10-23 23:36:50.023
                                      1922017-10-23 23:36:50.023
                                      1932017-10-23 23:36:50.023
                                      1692017-10-23 23:36:49.837
                                      1632017-10-23 23:36:49.633
                                      532017-10-23 23:36:49.477
                                      492017-10-23 23:36:49.367
                                      622017-10-23 23:36:48.163
                                      1812017-10-23 23:36:40.383
                                      292017-10-23 23:36:27.037
                                      1032017-10-23 23:36:23.507
                                      202017-10-23 23:36:21.553
                                      352017-10-23 23:36:16.35
                                      342017-10-23 23:36:14.63
                                      1962017-10-23 23:36:12.99
                                      312017-10-23 23:36:04.787
                                      1112017-10-23 23:35:58.333
                                      792017-10-23 23:35:48.583
                                      682017-10-23 23:35:39.17
                                      732017-10-23 23:34:56.237
                                      742017-10-23 23:34:22.683
                                      202017-10-23 23:34:20.28
                                      442017-10-23 23:34:18.36
                                      892017-10-23 23:34:05.657
                                      812017-10-23 23:33:13.243
                                      1032017-10-23 23:31:23.493
                                      782017-10-23 23:30:55.423
                                      702017-10-23 23:29:56.5



                                      Do you show a lot of packet loss on your nodes Antonio?  Orion only sends out a single ping for each up/down poll so if your buffers were being crushed on a regular basis it would definitely show up there.  I honestly would be pretty worried about any network brittle enough that Orion is over running the switches.  In my lab environment running every module with 500 elements we are maxing out at 3 mbps of traffic (including writing the polled data back to the sql server and serving up pages to myself and the other engineers using the lab each day.  If I project that out it would seem that maxing out a primary app server polling 12,000 elements and a stack of SAM monitors and VMAN polling and such would probably move about 70-100 mbps of traffic to monitor thousands of switch ports and servers.


                                      You can see Cisco buffer errors if you look at the network tab on the node details view.  Click on the blue text to see the errors charted out over time.  Check this on the nearest switch to the orion poller and if your problems stem from polling then you should expect to see a nearly continuous stream of misses and if things are really bad then there should also be errors (a miss isn't a dropped packet until it becomes an error)


                                      Hopefully your network devices support QoS so you can prioritize the traffic getting dropped because honestly if you are worried that your monitoring is tipping you over the edge of the port capacity then you will be really jammed up if anyone tried to copy a large file from the file server or print a pdf to a network printer.

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                          Additional polling engines may help also using agents everywhere.

                          Stay away from wmi I guess.