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    How to integrate Solarwinds Offline Help Files




      I'm operating in a closed environment where internet access is unavailable. I can scan cleared data and using procedures, move it from the internet to our closed system but don't want to do this arduous process daily or weekly if possible.


      Does anyone know how you properly implement offline help so that it is available for my userbase, and myself, without jotting down each URL and bouncing back and forth between the closed system and an internet connected computer.


      I located one post with great instructions but all of the offline files have been removed for an unknown reason. (See: How to integrate Solarwinds Offline Help Files  and LokiR was involved in resolving before.)


      Thank you for any support or assistance,


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          Hi Mathew!


          This page should have what you're looking for.


          As an aside, the install steps are different based on the version of Orion Platform you're running your products on. The page I linked to includes instructions for Orion Platform 2017.3. I believe the thread on THWACK is for 2017.1.


          If you need offline help for older product versions, let me know which ones they are, and I'll try to get them added to the page.