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    Keeping Computer Inventory Up to Date


      Hi guys. I like what PM offers generally but one thing I struggle with is that because it's agent-less, it's difficult in a dynamic environment to keep inventories up to date even with the WMI providers deployed via WSUS. We have many systems off the network (laptops etc.) for days at a time. How can we keep their inventories up to date for non-wsus items such as installed certificates etc.? Would putting an agent on them allow for the agent to run at the client and store the inventory schedule rather than a PAS or otherwise trying to collect it based on a schedule at the PAS?

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          Hello Shocko,


          Patch Manager isn't really a solution for talking to client machines that are off the network.  It's assumed that there will be network connectivity to the clients whether via WMI or the Agent.  The only real work around for this is going to be using a VPN to have those machines phone home.  Additionally to Inventory you won't be able to do any Third Party patching or remote management for a client if it's not on your network in some fashion.

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              Hi, I appreciate that but on a dynamic network (with things like Cisco ISE and roaming clients) initiating serve based polling using the WMI providers just doesn't work as it misses too many systems. ideally I was hoping the product had the following capabilities:


              1. Install agent at client
              2. Assign inventory policy to client with schedule
              3. When agent contacts PAS it downloads schedule and runs locally
              4. When connected back to network it uploads results


              But it seems like the agent simply useful when you need a different port to be used rather than WMI ports?