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    Solarwinds for the Nagios Administrator?


      Our company has been using Nagios XI for a long time and we're slowly working to move over to SolarWinds now that we have purchased it. The networking team is happy because of the additional checks that they can configure, but SAM seems more complicated for us server folks. Does any documentation exist that is aimed at former Nagios users? Specifically a few things I'm looking for:


      * How do I create groups and organize servers into groups?

      * How do I configure certain checks to run against a group?

      * How do I configure checks on a group to notify a certain mailbox/pagerduty?


      My understanding is that SAM allows you to leverage existing NRPE checks into SolarWinds as well, is that true? What about the Nagios performance data graphing, is there something similar to that in SolarWinds?