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    Alerts on Disabled components


      I have some SAM templates assigned to around two hundreds of Windows boxes.

      Some of components in templates are Disabled, rather on template level than on given nodes.

      Alerts for fired for this components are still active and shown on All Active Alerts page.


      I have modified a little query from Petr.Vilem (Re: Disabled components not really disabled ):

      SELECT c.ID, C.Name, c.ComponentType, c.ApplicationID, c.TemplateID, c.ApplicationItemID, c.IsDisabled, c.Disabled, ccs.Availability

      FROM APM_ComponentExt c 

      INNER JOIN APM_CurrentComponentStatus ccs ON c.ID = ccs.ComponentID 

      WHERE c.[Disabled] = 1 AND ccs.Availability <> 7 

      AND IsDisabled IS NULL

      and got 3059 rows in result.

      I have SAM version 6.2.4, bug with alerts for Disabled components is told to be fixed with release of 6.2 and 6.2.1 (Bug:  Disabled component causing alerts to fire , Re: Disabled components not really disabled, https://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/22707  ).


      So I'm curious

      1) what is the reason of such behaviour of SAM 6.2.4

      2) what is a difference between APM_ComponentExt.Disabled and APM_ComponentExt.isDisabled in meaning?