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    Integrate Your ServiceNow ITSM with IT Process Automation Blue Prism


      When it comes to cloud-based ITSM automation, one of the biggest players on the market today is ServiceNow. Yet many organizations remain hesitant to leverage this service due to the security concerns that come with cloud-based technology. The good news is there is a solution to this dilemma. eyeShare provides secure on-premise IT Process Automation that integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow, allowing businesses to use ServiceNow without sacrificing security and compliance.


      AutoHow it works...


      While ServiceNow provides a number of benefits to businesses, there a few distinct disadvantages as well. For instance, in addition to the security risk associated with its cloud-based environment, performing time consuming manual tasks and procedures are still a concern. By integrating the eyeShare IT Process Automation Blue Prism Training system with ServiceNow, you can create closed-loop automated processes as well as enhance and extend ServiceNow ITSM capabilities. Here’s an example:

      • eyeShare automatically opens tickets in ServiceNow in response to system alerts. Alerts can be received from one or more monitoring systems such as SolarWinds, Nagios, SCOM, Tivoli, HPOM, Splunk, and many others.
      • Before eyeShare opens a ticket, it executes pre-configured automated workflows to troubleshoot or even remediate the problem as needed.
      • Finally, eyeShare updates the incident status with all relevant information, keeping all data for future review, and closes the ticket in ServiceNow, with no manual intervention.

      eyeShare essentially becomes the direct connection between your monitoring system and ServiceNow, creating a seamless and efficient workflow. What’s more, eyeShare software is installed securely on-premise and subsequently integrated with ServiceNow using the standard available web service API’s, making it a much more secure and reliable alternative.

      What can IT Process Automation integration with ServiceNow do for you?


      With this type of integration and technology in place, your organization can accomplish such tasks as:Integrate Your ServiceNow ITSM with IT Process Automation

      • Automatically open, update and close tickets and query tables in ServiceNow
      • Accelerate the reporting, escalation and resolution of incidents
      • Eliminate manual work and human errors
      • Ensure fully documented end-to-end processes
      • Reduce the amount of “noise” in the service desk
      • Enforce problem and change management procedures, such as ticket status changes and the additions of CMDB entries
      • Easily tailor and customize the integration with ServiceNow to your needs

      How difficult is it to integrate the two systems, and how hard is it for the end-user?


      Integrating eyeShare with ServiceNow is simple and seamless. What’s more, there is a very low-level learning curve for the end user. If anything, the added benefits that the eyeShare software offers are typically welcomed by IT professionals, as they are designed to make their jobs easier and much more efficient. Instead of manually managing service requests, they can focus instead on more important business-critical matters and further develop their skills to be able to grow within their careers.