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    Installing Multiple Orion Modules on One Server/Polling Server Specs


      I have been getting some mixed messages in the documentation about how many application servers are needed for the Orion Modules.  Saw this in the "Preparing a SolarWinds Orion Platform Installation" requirements.



      SolarWinds neither recommends nor supports the installation of any Orion product on the same server or using the same database server as a Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry server.


      Does this mean that, for example, I should install the NPM on one server, SAM on one and WPM on another?  I have seen in other posts were users use the same server for multiple modules.  I do plan on having only one DB server and will create multiple DBs on this server.


      Also, I do not see anything about the Polling Server specs?  Would someone direct me to the documentation?


      I appreciate anyone's help in advance.



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          That is a specific issue regarding conflicts with the Blackberry RIM application.   You can disregard it unless you are the kind of masochist who likes to stack completely unrelated applications on the same box.  For all the core Orion stuff I strongly recommend installing them to the same server, except in places where the documentation specifically indicates it should be stand alone such as DPA, Mobile Admin, the NTA database, or Patch Manager. 


          There is no documentation specifically on polling servers, officially SW will tell you that pollers have the same hardware requirements as the core application server they tie back to.  In practice you tend to see pollers using significantly less memory or CPU but exactly how much less depends on how close you are to maxing out the capacity of the poller.  A fully stacked instance of the poller (You can stack up to 3 poller instances on the same server) running 100% utilization would likely use more memory than a normal primary server.


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