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    Create Report for Number of Merged Tickets over a Period of Time


      We run monthly reports for tickets created, categories, departments and average initial response.  The tickets created report includes tickets that were opened, but then merged with another existing ticket.


      Is it possible to either run the tickets created report to exclude the tickets that were merged or to run a separate report that shows the number of tickets that were merged?


      We are able to run a search for tickets that contain the word merged in the history, but cannot see how to do this in a report.

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          You can't search History in a report, only in a query.


          The only way I think is this few sets:


          Create a new ticket custom field, make sure its assigned to those Request Types you wish to report on, keep it hidden from your client and techs, and call it something like Merge Status.

          Create a query that searches the history and list all those tickets which have been merged.

          Then select all tickets from the result query, and run a bulk change to set the Merge Status custom field to 'True'

          Then create a new report which includes (or excludes) only those Merge Status which are set to True.


          I hope this helps.