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    Issues with Mount Points not updating after capacity change


      We've already got a support case open on this issue, I just thought I would ask the audience if anyone else is experiencing this issue:


      Any time we increase the size of a Mount Point, that drive in SolarWinds stops updating. It never picks up the new drive size. If we go in and follow the steps here Volume stops reporting after a resize or name change - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support  the volume just says capacity 0b free space 0b.


      We just noticed this in the last couple of weeks. Can't tell if it started before or after the last upgrade either. Only became aware of the situation because one of our user DB volumes filled up and no alert was sent. Program went down, sirens went off, etc... Now we've gone through and found dozens of volumes ( all mount points ) that are showing incorrect stats.

      All affected systems are monitored via WMI.


      Thanks in advance!