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    Ticket Type Priority


      Is there any way in the Webhelpdesk that I can change the ticket priority when I change the ticket type (Service Request, Incident or Problem)?


      I am aware the priority is associated with Request type but this does not accomodate for the type of ticket. For example, there maybe a issue with Request Type "Desktop" which has priority 3 but if its an Incident, I would need the ticket to be increased to Priority 2 with a better SLA. And if its a problem a different SLA.

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          Im not aware of a way of altering things that way, but you could use Parent Request types to get around this.  We dont use the 'ticket type' as its very restrictive, so we set everything up via Request types.


          You could have Parent reqeust types of Service Request, Incident, Problem etc and then have clhild ticket types such as desktop underneath them with different default priorites assigned to them.

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            You should be able to do this with Action Rules and the Modify Ticket option.  For example, you could configure it so whenever a ticket type is changed to Problem then the Priority will automatically change to P1.

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                fluffy midnight

                To elaborate on this, create two action rules via Setup > Processes > Action Rules.


                Set the rule to trigger only when the criteria didn't match before the ticket was updated.


                Set the Criteria to have the conditions you are looking for; in this case the Ticket Type as Incident on one Action Rule, and Problem in the second Action Rule.


                Set the Action to Modify Ticket and set the Priority to what you want.



                If this needs to change depending what is selected on the ticket then you will require more Action Rules.