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    Custom Inventory to Gather Local Certificates


      Guys, I have a specific task assigned to me to gather an inventory of all certificates in the local windows stores. I was looking around at various software I have that could gather this and Patch Manager looked useful (save me scripting it up with powershell ). So I'm wondering what the quickest way of collecting this inventory would be. I assume the default inventory template would include this info but is it possible to create a custom one that only gathers this i.e. this would run much more quickly as minimum info gathered

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          It's actually not included in the default template, so either way you will need to edit the Inventory Template.


          1. For me, I start from Administration and Reporting -> General Settings and clicking on Inventory Template Editor.
          2. To quickly deselect everything you can check the box for Categories to select everything and once more to deselect it.
          3. From there, scroll down to Installed Programs and Features and check the box for Installed Certificate.
          4. Save your template.
          5. Configure and run your inventory.
          6. To run the canned report for this go to Reporting -> Configuration Management Reports -> Installed Programs and Features.  It's the Installed Certificates report.


          If you need further detail let me know.

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